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Simple way of data visualization with Tableau and Python

This event is dedicated to explain and present Business Intelligence (BI) visualization power mixed with Python script calculations. Any software develops to solve definite goals hence there is no one "good for everything" solution but if you know how to extend functionality combining applications or take something from the best practice you will get desirable results easily.

Take part in the webinar and you will learn:

  1. Why do we need Business intelligence tool + Python, why it is simple and flexible.
  2. How to join the most popular BI tool Tableau with Python script easily.
  3. Practical implementation and review use cases such as: client rate reliability, emergency hot spots detection 


About the speakers


Anna Barkova

BI Architect at Tier One Analytics (T1A)

Anna has more than 8 years of experience in BI. Professional and Tableau certified specialist. She was working on numbers of projects for recognizable companies in Financial and Retail areas.


Artem Belyasov

Regional Director, EMEA at Tier One Analytics (T1A)

Boss on board, brain and spiritual leader. Countless certifications and relevant experience in BI and DWH.

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