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Preparing your Data for Analysis

Once you have completed this webinar series we want you to be able to dive straight into your analysis helping to drive decisions with your data. If this is to be the case you don't want to be spending hours cleaning, manipulating and joining data.
This session will look at how tools such as Tableau Prep Builder and great new features like Relationships in Tableau will make these tasks visual and direct for all users allowing you to focus on what is most important to you.

You will:

  • Get introduced to the interface of Tableau Prep Builder
  • Go over common real-life data problems and how Tableau Prep Builder can help tackle these
  • Be introduced on how you can leverage Prep at scale, by using Tableau Prep Conductor
  • An introduction to the new Relationships functionality looking into how this can help build a data model within Tableau

About the speaker


Grant Lawrence

Product Consultant

Grant is a Tableau product consultant based in our London office where he helps people to see and understand their data.

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