Tableau Starter Kits

Practice authoring, interacting, publishing, and administering Tableau.

Publish a Viz to Tableau Cloud

Congrats—you’re getting published! (On Tableau Server or Tableau Cloud—don’t schedule your book tour just yet.) The activities below guide you through how to publish workbooks and data sources to Tableau Cloud or Tableau Server. Learn how to design great content and publish it securely. Switch between these products using the links to the left.

Section 1: Design your Viz
1.1 Explore the Authoring Starter Kit
1.2 Using a Parameter to Change Fields
1.3 Creating a Table of Contents to Navigate to Other Dashboards
1.4 Device Designer
1.5 Tips for Designing Device-Specific Dashboards That Make Everyone Happy
1.6 Mobile Dashboard Design: Start with Your Focus
Section 2: Publish a Viz
2.1 Publishing to Tableau Cloud
2.2 Publish a Workbook (deeper)
2.3 Permissions
2.4 Access and Manage your Content
Section 3: Published Data Sources
3.1 Saving and Publishing Data Sources
3.2 Publish a Data Source (deeper)
3.3 Web Authoring
3.4 Best Practices for Published Data Sources
3.5 Data Sources in Tableau Cloud
3.6 Set Permissions for a Data Source
Section 4: Onward and Upward
4.1 Up your game with Makeover Monday
4.2 Data without Emotion Doesn't Bring about Change
4.3 Designing Efficient Workbooks
4.4 Data Security with User Filters
4.5 Explore the Interacting Starter Kit