Runners Up for Tableau Public/ReadWriteWeb Visualization Contest

Although our judges have no doubt about the winner they chose in our visualization contest, there was some intense competition for the top spot. Our esteemed runners up (in no particular order) are David Shakhnazaryan for his innovative "Team Batting Statistics" and Mike Kennedy for his outstanding analysis with "Obesity Plagues the Poor". Explore their interactive apps below.

The most popular data for this contest was undoubtedly the obesity data. Although many contestants visualized interesting correlative data, Mike Kennedy did so in the clearest and most visually appealing way. His scatterplot effortlessly shows the relationship between poverty and obesity by double encoding with a color scale. We are also very fond of his detailed and descriptive titles.

David Shakhnazaryan made our baseball data come alive with his intuitive and easy to use stat-app. Click on a team on the left and the visualization updates to show historical data for that team. Even better, he included a link to the MLB website that shows each teams logo as you switch. Sweet! However, David earned the distinction of runner up by making sure his analysis was intuitive and useful. The little tricks just made it easier for our judges to place him close to the top of a very competitive group of vizzes.

Our apologies to David and Mike for re-embedding their visualizations at different sizes than their original publish. Our blog is only so wide!

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