Celebrity discount: Jail time for famous citizens

Often, the only thing more egregious than the crimes celebrities commit is the time that they serve for them. Or lack thereof. The first view in this visualization compares the jail time for noted celebrity offenders to the maximum time they could have been sentenced to. The second view shows the percentage of their actual sentence that each celeb served.

The color of each dot represents the actual time served (in months) for each celeb. You can see in the top view that T.I. has the darkest dot, representing his 12 months in prison. That is certainly hard time, but just a 10th of the 10 year sentence he could have faced. In the bottom view, you can see the notoriously short prison stays for Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Adam "Pacman" Jones- none of which came even close to 1% of the term they were sentenced to.

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