Best of the Tableau Web: Minesweeper, maps, and a sneak peek of parameter actions

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We’re back with Best of the Web—a roundup of some of the best Tableau blogs on the world wide web. Due to some administrative errors (ahem: “Andy didn’t send emails”), we missed a whole bunch of superb posts from the last few months, but don’t worry, we’re making up for it by posting even more resources this month. And this month’s content is chock-full of inspiration.

To start, Zen Master Bridget Cogley looks at the meaning of “data literacy” from the perspective of a linguist. Bridget provides an overview of the term literacy and then applies it to data.

Second, Ella Worsdale reflects on her experience leading a Tableau User Group and the relationships she built along the way that formed into a strong, supportive community. We want to give Ella a warm welcome to the blogging community!

Finally, if you thought Set Actions were powerful, wait until you see Parameter Actions in the Tableau 2019.2 release. This new feature is, I predict, going to create another explosion of creativity among the community. I can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with. Some of you are already out of the blocks with ideas, and I want to highlight Josh Milligan’s implementation of Parameter Actions to create Minesweeper in Tableau. You could argue that it might not be analytically valuable, but it’s Tableau...and it’s amazing!


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