BI Requirements for IT: What Every IT Manager Should Know About Users’ Real Need for BI

Marc Rueter, Diretor sênior de gerenciamento de produtos, Tableau Software

Business users and organizations need the ability to quickly analyze their data to identify issues, causes and opportunities for improvement. Once these analyses are identified, they need to be monitored and distributed often to others. With traditional business intelligence (BI), creating and maintaining effective and understandable analyses can take months to define and develop and require expensive resources to maintain.

In response, a new BI term has emerged: Operational Business Intelligence. It promises to empower everyone within an organization to make day-to-day decisions by using better analysis of sales and marketing trends, customer interactions, manufacturing plans, inventories and other areas of the business.

Seven major requirements businesses need to consider when evaluating this generation of BI:

  1. Plug and Play: Leverage existing data stores and infrastructure
  2. Help the business user see the answer faster
  3. Provide the ability to rapidly analyze and problem-solve – not just report
  4. Any Data, Any Time: Access data that IT doesn’t have
  5. Self Service: Enable the business user to create new reports and views without IT
  6. Collaboration: Deliver means for sharing and updating analyses and findings in real time
  7. Require no training to start and only minimal training of sophisticated business users

Operational BI promises to be a core part of the answer but only when it meets the 7 key requirements of business users. Tableau allows companies to leverage their data assets in unprecedented ways.

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Marc Rueter

Diretor sênior de gerenciamento de produtos, Tableau Software

Marc é diretor sênior de gerenciamento de produtos na Tableau. Ele vem ajudando clientes, parceiros e funcionários a fazerem coisas incríveis com o Tableau desde a primeira versão do software. Muitas das ideias e soluções criativas de Marc acabaram se tornando opções de menu em versões posteriores do produto. Atualmente, sua missão é ajudar a definir a direção estratégica da Tableau, enquanto continua a aprimorar seu domínio do software. Além de seus conhecimentos sobre o Tableau, Marc acumula uma vasta experiência em BI e tem um MBA e uma graduação em Engenharia Mecânica.