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Tableau Software helps people see and understand data to quickly analyze, visualize and share information. With Trifacta’s data wrangling solution, Tableau users are able to more effectively explore and prepare raw data sources such as files Hadoop into clean, well-structured outputs for downstream visualization and analysis in Tableau. Together, they're your complete analytics solution.

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For great analytics you need great data. With Tableau and Trifacta you can start making sense of your data today. You can bring diverse datasets together with Trifacta's comprehensive data wrangling technology, and then explore, visualize and share using Tableau. Watch more

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How PepsiCo’s Big Data Strategy is Disrupting CPG Retail Analytics

Hear how Mike Riegling transformed the deluge of information and data at PepsiCo into a powerful analytics ecosystem with the help of Trifacta and Tableau.

Bringing Hadoop to an Analyst’s Fingertips

Bringing Hadoop to a wide range of business users, from line-of-business stakeholder to business analysts requires the self-service data wrangling of Trifacta complemented with the visualization of Tableau. In this joint webinar, we cover how to empower your analyst team with the scale of Hadoop.

Data Wrangling for Faster, More Accurate Analysis

Learn how Trifacta’s breakthrough approach to data exploration and transformation empowers everyone to be a data wrangler

Trifacta brought an entirely new level of productivity to the way our analyst and IT teams explore diverse data and define analytic requirements. Our users intuitively and collaboratively prepare the growing variety of data that makes up PepsiCo’s analytics inititiatives.