After you've used Trifacta to prepare and clean your data, Tableau is the go-to solution for analyzing and visualizing that data. Wrangle data in Trifacta, then bring it all together in Tableau to effectively explore and discover insights. Connect to data in Tableau with native integrations, drag-and-drop to prepare dashboards fast and without all the coding. Tableau and Trifacta’s partnership certifies ongoing integration and joint development between the two companies to bring data to the forefront of your decision making.

Integrate Tableau's analytics and Trifacta's data wrangling

With Tableau and Trifacta, you can start making sense of your data today. You can bring diverse datasets together with Trifacta's comprehensive data wrangling technology, and then explore, visualize and share using Tableau.


Trifacta brought an entirely new level of productivity to the way our analyst and IT teams explore diverse data and define analytic requirements. Our users intuitively and collaboratively prepare the growing variety of data that makes up PepsiCo’s analytics inititiatives.