How Salesforce Uses Tableau for Marketing Analytics

Marketing teams are under the constant pressure to grow a customer base and increase profitability. They have also been forced to cut budgets, prove the ROI of every channel and campaign, and be even more creative with their tactics, advertising, and content.

Given these increasing headwinds, companies are asked to do more with less. Now is the time to find greater operational and cost efficiencies in every campaign, media plan, social channel, and email nurture. Thankfully, organizations can use data to make good decisions quickly and take action. Data has never been more relevant because it helps us solve critical challenges and make good decisions. But how do organizations—and marketing teams—access, analyze, and understand their marketing data to inform their decisions?

Read the guide if you want to turn your data into a resource to drive performance and efficiency across campaigns, improve insights for better decision making, and break down silos to scale efforts.

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