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Visual Analytics: Best Practices, Sharing & Collaboration

Seeing and understanding data is richer than creating a collection of queries, dashboards, and workbooks. You will see how visual and cognitive science explain what makes data visualisation so deeply satisfying. Why does a collection of bars, lines, colors, and boxes become surprisingly powerful and meaningful? How does fluid interaction with data views multiply our intelligence? Three decades of research into the beautiful science of data visualisation explain why history have converged at this moment, and why interactive data visualisation has brought us to the verge of an exciting new revolution.

Listen in as we explore the scientific underpinnings of what enables people to understand data quickly and effectively, and how Tableau helps them get there. Gain the tips and tricks necessary for authoring content that your viewers will appreciate.

We will also go through the sharing and collaboration features in Tableau Online/Server. Data analysis shouldn't be an isolating task - that's why Tableau is built for collaboration. Team members are able to share data, make follow up queries, and forward easy-to-digest visualisations to others who could gain value from the data. Making sure everyone understands the data and is able to make informed decisions is critical to success.

This webinar is part of our Visual Analytics Series; check out the series page for more sessions.

Suitable for existing users who would like to get more out of the Tableau platform, and participants should have at least three months experience to fully benefit from the content.

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Marina Tranet

Solution Engineer, Tableau

Marina Tranet is a Solution Engineer for Tableau ANZ. Marina has more than 5 years international experience in FP&A, primarily in the retail industry. Prior to joining Tableau, Marina was a Sales Analyst in a large FMCG company. She started her career in France in audit and cost control and has most recently been immersed in Information Systems deployment and coordination.

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