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Utilities + Data: Safety & Executive Analytics with Cleartelligence

Safety is a top priority in the Utilities industry. Thanks to data, utilities are getting smarter and more proactive. Cleartelligence has helped many companies leverage their own data using Tableau, to better understand their potential safety gaps.

Learn how Tableau can help you stay ahead of the game, take the proper precautions and ensure a safe environment for your employees. Register for this 30 minutes webinar and you’ll learn how Cleartelligence can enable you to:

  • Better track and teach safety in the field from the analysis of survey results
  • Improve investigation of gas leaks by leveraging location-based analytics
  • Enable your leadership to be able to drill down into what is going on, in any department at any time, with a single dashboard that incorporates the metrics, goals and targets across all departments

These are three proven use cases Cleartelligence will provide real world examples of, and how you can get started today.

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Dustin Cabral

Visualization Practice Lead

Dustin is a Principal Consultant at Cleartelligence, Inc., a New England based technical consulting firm. His past experience includes data visualization work for both Staples and EMC. Before his move to Cleartelligence, Dustin was the lead for the Tableau program at Staples. This role encompassed all facets of Tableau, including training, server management, events, etc.

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