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Meet the Iron Viz judges

During the qualifier contest, data visualizations (or “vizzes” as we like to call them) are scored based on three criteria: analysis, design, and storytelling. A panel of Tableau Community judges scores the first round determining the top 10 entries that advance to a second round of scoring by a set of guest judges. The three data rockstars with the highest score then proceed as finalists to the virtual Iron Viz Championship. But who are these judges, and how does this process actually work? Join us for this live broadcast to hear directly from a panel of Iron Viz 2020 first-round judges. You’ll learn more about the overall judging process and gain insight into what it takes to impress them at each step along the way.

This is part of the All About Iron Viz webinar series.

Sobre os palestrantes


Dzifa Amexo

Student, Mercy College

Dzifa Amexo is a Senior studying Finance and Data Analytics at Mercy College. Her passion for data and storytelling led her to become a Tableau Public Featured Author and an Iron Viz Judge in 2020. She’s an active member of the community and regularly participates in #MakeoverMonday. View Dzifa's Tableau Public profile.


Kevin Flerlage

Senior Analyst & Tableau Developer, Unifund CCR

Kevin Flerlage has 15 years of professional experience in data analytics and is genuinely passionate about data. He is a Tableau Zen Master and works as a Senior Analyst & Tableau Developer at Unifund / Recovery Decision Science, a financial services and technology company led by five-time Zen Master, Jeff Shaffer. Kevin is also a Tableau Public Ambassador, has four IronViz top ten finishes and is the third most favorited author on Tableau Public. Kevin is an active member of the Tableau Community and frequently blogs about Tableau on http://www.flerlagetwins.com, a site that he shares with his identical twin brother and fellow Zen Master, Ken Flerlage. View Kevin's Tableau Public Profile.


Ken Flerlage

Assistant Director, Data Analytics at Bucknell University

Ken is an analytics architect, strategist, and evangelist at Bucknell University. He is a three-time Tableau Zen Master and is an active member of the Tableau community. Ken spends a lot of time answering questions on the forums and posting on his blog that he shares with his identical twin brother and fellow Zen Master, Kevin Flerlage. View Ken's Tableau Public profile.


Sarah Bartlett

Data Visualization Consultant, Slalom

Sarah has been working in data / analytical roles for over 10 years, of which the last 4 years have been spent working with Tableau. She is a Tableau Zen Master, Social Ambassador and co-leads the London Tableau User Group. You can follow Sarah on her blog Sarah Loves Data where she writes about her data visualisation journey with a focus on particular projects she is working on. You can also follow @sarahlovesdata on Twitter. View Sarah's Tableau Public profile.

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