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Growing an Organization With Data-Driven Decisions in Tableau

Finding ways to take action on available data can be difficult for many organizations. In this session, we will share the story of a Tableau customer with three business objectives they wanted to improve: increase customer acquisition, sell add-on policies, and focus on the most profitable customers. The data to answer these questions existed, but it was used differently by agents, sales managers, billing, marketing, and many other leaders.

This customer used Tableau to centralize their data into a single hub to measure one source of truth. But they took it much further creating a launchpad to prompt action based on a user's specific role, and which strategy was most relevant to them. Join us to learn more about how this customer is doing more than just reporting 'yesterday's weather,' and see how they have leveraged the data they already have to empower many individuals to make the 'next best action.'

About the speakers

Ahson Jalali headshot

Ahson Jalali

Sr. Technical Consultant at Tableau Software
Jim Webb headshot

Jim Webb

Senior Practice Manager, Tableau

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