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How Financial Services Can Personalise the Customer Experience with AI-Powered Analytics

Want to see how your financial services firm can create a personalised customer experience using AI-powered analytics—helping you compound the value of your customers?

Watch this demo to see how Tableau’s customer experience dashboard empowers you with data-driven insights that help you understand the hidden factors influencing consumer behaviour—so you can offer personalised marketing and cross-selling opportunities.

You’ll learn how to quickly identify customers most likely to buy high-margin products using simple data science techniques. Then bring AI predictions and recommendations directly into your analytical workflow to understand the best actions you can take to engage customers.

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Cut your customer analysis from hours to minutes
  • Understand consumer behaviour using simple data science
  • Use predictive models to optimise customer marketing

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Mark Bowles

Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau

Mark is a Senior Solution Engineer at Tableau where he helps people see and understand their data.

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