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Enabling precision medicine with Tableau and AWS

Precision medicine holds the promise of discovering personalized interventions that can save lives, but the infrastructure to manage the huge data volumes necessary for this critical work can be costly and unwieldy.

Tableau Software is helping organizations store, visualize, and analyze healthcare data in new and exciting ways. Tableau’s cloud-based enterprise healthcare analytics platform combines the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, the compute power necessary for advanced analytics, and the compliance requirements for Healthcare and Life Sciences data in one solution.

Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) is using the visual analytics capabilities of Tableau on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to map clinical genomic data from newborn babies. Learn how Inova is using this technology to proactively identify biomarkers for personalized treatment intended to improve health outcomes for children.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How precision medicine is leveraging cloud-based data visualization tools today.
  • Methods for improving time-to-value with a dedicated healthcare analytics platform.
  • The benefits of a cloud-based analytics platform for analyzing genomic data files.
  • How you can deploy Tableau into your AWS account using AWS Quick Starts preconfigured with healthcare-specific controls.

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