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Embedded Analytics | How Experian are Turning Data into Products

Did you know that it's entirely possible to transform your business data into a marketable product that uses visual analytics to help achieve your business objectives?

Watch this exclusive webinar with the Data Services Product Director at Experian to learn how they created a superior product offering by embedding Tableau—delivering interactive visual insights that drive engagement and customer satisfaction.

What's more, our panel of data experts will teach you how to build your own embedded solution. You'll get a non-technical understanding of the steps needed to go from data to product.

Watch now to learn about:

  • The different types of data products
  • How Experian built an embedded solution powered by Tableau
  • The building blocks of an embedded solution

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About the speakers


Clare Hollis

Product Director - Data Services and Analytics

Clare is the Product Director for Data Service and Analytics at Experian based in the UK.


Mrunal Shridhar

Senior Manager, Solution Engineering - Tableau

Mrunal leads Tableau's EMEA solutions engineering team who are experts at helping people and organisations see and understand their data.


Tim Payne

Lead Solution Engineer - Tableau

Tim is a lead solutions engineer at Tableau based in our London office. He is an expert at helping people and organisations see and understand data.


Jim Horbury

Solutions Practice Lead, EU - InterWorks

Having spent 18 years in technical and creative direction roles for UK-based advertising agencies, changes in the marketing and response measurement landscape meant change. This led to Jim being responsible for the development and implementation of ad-tech reporting solutions, which gave him his introduction to Tableau. Using this tool, he was able to visualise marketing performance data for a wide variety of travel, tourism and mobility clients. After a move into telecommunications BI and the big data tech it involved, Jim had a taste for all things data. Now working for InterWorks, he is keen to enhance his skills and looks forward to supporting clients with his vast experience.Outside of work, Jim tries to recapture his youth by downhill mountain-biking (adequately), scrambling and hiking in Scotland (poorly) and running (very poorly).

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