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Data to see, data to understand, data to act: Tableau and Huel at Deloitte Experience Analytics 2021

Being an ethical and good earth citizen is a priority for individuals, for corporations and for governments alike. Customers want to align their buying decisions with their own values. Employees want to work for organisations which are ethically and socially responsible. There is increased demand for strategies, technologies and data-driven insights that can help achieve meaningful business and sustainability goals.  In this video, recorded at Deloitte Experience Analytics 2021, hear from Tableau and Huel on strategies for improving corporate impact with data, embracing technology innovation as a force for good and how being a data-driven organisation can help purpose-led businesses, like Huel, deliver on their mission.


The discussion highlights:

  • How the pandemic has reinforced the criticality of good data, and the ability to see and understand insights from that data when making decisions during a crisis
  • How we can we use what we learnt during this pandemic to make sure we can respond effectively to the next crisis – where that be climate change related, a natural disaster, terrorism, a political or economic crisis so that we are more resilient to the next major incident
  • How Tableau Foundation encourages the use of facts and analytical reasoning to solve the world’s problems, partnering with numerous organizations working to accelerate social change—from using data to track and combat infectious disease to visualizing the impact of climate change on communities, and more.
  • How data -driven conversation is no longer just a competitive advantage. It is critical to the health—and often survival—of an organization, in every sector.
  • How Huel uses data and data-driven decision making to not only support their business but also support their mission and purpose 
  • How Tableau is helping Huel democratise data, creating an enviable data culture
  • How the combination of Tableau and Snowflake help Huel deliver the performance and simplicity it needs as a cloud-based, high-growth business

About the speakers


Jay Kotecha

Senior Data Scientist, Huel

Jay Kotecha is Senior Data Scientist at Huel. Since graduating in Mathematics and Economics in 2017, Jay has developed and is now leading the data team at Huel. Since working at Huel, he has put in place a modern data stack that includes Snowflake, Tableau, DBT and more. The company has a strong data culture running through the organisation where everyone can access the data they need to make data-driven decisions.


Chris Lindsay

VP Marketing, Tableau

Chris Lindsay is Tableau’s VP of EMEA Marketing. He is responsible for Tableau’s marketing strategy and execution in the region. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in global telco, cloud, SaaS and IT services leading on strategy, go to market and digital transformation roles.

Chris leads data driven marketing teams, bringing a honed ability to cut through complex problems and simplify, without being simplistic.

Chris lives by three principles in his approach to driving business change and results: insight, impact and team. “Without using insight to get to the truth, you can spend a lot of time and effort fixing the wrong problem. That’s why helping business leaders to see and understand their data is so important to me.”

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