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Advanced Analytics for Managing Referral Leakages

During the COVID pandemic healthcare patient volumes fell by more than 50%. Patients are hesitant to seek care and are looking for the safest, most convenient options. Organizations that leverage analytics will be able to capture BOTH new market share from other organizations and retain their existing populations. These organizations will exit the pandemic in the coming months in a strategically powerful position.

Prominence Advisors has created pre-built customizable analytics that empower your organization to maximize patient acquisition, minimize patient leakage, and improve patient care. Join us as we discuss how these tailored analytics will:

  • Enable your team to find and retain existing patients.
  • Maximize new patient acquisition.
  • Leverage data from multiple sources in one dashboard.
  • Seamlessly drive workflows through an embedded analytics solution.

Sobre os palestrantes

Barry Chaiken, MD

Clinical Lead

Austin Montgomery

VP of Services, Prominence Advisors

Austin Montgomery is the VP of Services at Prominence Advisors where he is responsible for overseeing the success of all of Prominence’s analytics and data governance engagements to customers. Austin was a team lead at Epic where he worked as a success owner and reporting lead and application success owner. At Prominence, Austin has worked with dozens of customers to improve their data literacy, establish their data governance practices, optimize their EMRs, and implement advanced analytics solutions. Austin holds a Bachelor of Arts from Lawrence University of Appleton, WI.

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