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Accelerate your advanced analytics: R, Python & MATLAB

Advanced analytics is a journey that involves understanding the past, predicting the future and finding the best course of action to attain goals. Be it via built-in visualizations, forecasting and clustering, or custom machine learning models built in R, Python or Matlab, Tableau can help every step of the way. This webinar reviews broad types of advanced analytics possible with Tableau with example use cases. Attend to explore what’s possible, when and how to use specific features, and the best places to apply them.

This is part of the Advanced analytics for data scientists webinar series.

About the speakers


Erik Polano

Associate Solution Architect, Tableau

Erik is a Associate Solution Architect at Tableau. Whilst doing his BA, Erik got really interested in Behavioral and Experimental Economics trying to use data analysis and statistics to understand how people actually behave and make decisions. After having completed his MSc at the Stockholm School of Economics which he focused on Field Experimentation in Labor Economics, he has since been working in the tech space where he now helps people see and understand their data using Tableau. When not at work, you can see him biking around London or running in Victoria Park when he is not taking care of the two cats at home.


Erwin van Laar

Manager, Product Consultant, Tableau

Erwin van Laar is a Manager of Product Consultancy at Tableau. As a MSc Public Health graduate of Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he specializes in management and innovation. Prior to Tableau, Erwin worked as a management trainee and eventually a team leader at a occupational health service, where he optimized the performance of the Health Checks & Vaccinations unit. He now uses this knowledge on a daily basis to help people see and understand their data across all sectors. In his spare time, Erwin likes to visit the theatre or concerts, which makes London the right place for him!


Britt Staniar

Senior Manager, Marketing  

Britt Staniar is a senior manager at Tableau, where he has worked for more than five years. In his role, he oversees Tableau’s Community recognition programs, including the Tableau Visionaries and Tableau Ambassadors. The two groups comprise more than 350 Tableau Community leaders who push the limits of our products, help other people learn about analytics, and create an inclusive data community.

Before his current role, Staniar used Tableau extensively as a marketing campaign manager and product marketer--earning a Desktop Certified Associate certificate. Along the way, he’s hosted analytics user groups, led meetups at Tableau Conference, and presented at Dreamforce 2019. Prior to joining Tableau, Staniar worked at Bloomberg News as a multimedia journalist for 8 years. He has an MBA from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and a Bachelor of the Arts from Washington and Lee University.

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