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What the Viz!?

Learn how to reverse engineer beautiful Tableau Public visualisations

Do you catch yourself looking at Tableau Public visualisations wondering, "How did they do that?"

For this webinar series, we will be joined by our Tableau Public Ambassadors to help us demystify some of their best visualisations for you to learn what you should look out for when reverse engineering their visualisations.

Webinars sob demanda

Título Duração
What the Viz!?: Radial Charts
Uncover the fundamental building blocks of radial charts with Fred and the resources that helped him get so comfortable using Tableau.
32 min.
What the Viz!?: Interactive Resumes
Vinodh walks us through his Interactive Resume to share key elements to look out for if you want to build one of your own.
34 min.
What the Viz!?: Maps
Kimly talks all about maps! Watch to see why she loves maps and what she's learned in her Tableau mapping journey.
31 min.
Iron Viz Behind the Scenes with Pradeep
2021 Iron Viz finalist, Pradeep Kumar G, shares tricks he used to secure his place in the Iron Viz finals at TC21.
28 min.