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Visual Analytics for Industries

Tableau is focused on one thing - helping people see and understand data. Organisations across all industries are empowering their people with data. With Tableau they are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before.

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Understand the full power of your data with Visual Analytics for Financial Services
Financial services organisations around the globe are turning to data to help them manage risk, identify opportunities, build a foundation of trust and empower a culture of learning and sharing...
43 min.
Data-driven action with Visual Analytics for Healthcare & Life Sciences
Few industries combine billion-dollar bets, cutting-edge science, and global impact like healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Which drugs should we invest in? How can we bring new...
44 min.
Navigating change in the Utilities industry with Visual Analytics
COVID-19 is significantly impacting the future of the Energy and Utilities industry, accelerating changes in how consumers buy energy and water and their perceived value of that service. ...
41 min.
Enhance your Telco Transformation with Visual Analytics
Telecommunication companies are transforming - more so than ever before. Their networks and services are the backbone that is bringing globally dispersed friends, families and businesses together...
40 min.
The Power of Visual Analytics for Retailers
Retailers' survival through the rapidly changing economic environment is now more reliant on data than ever before. While many physical stores will certainly return to growth, it is...
44 min.
Enhance customer engagement in the Media industry with Visual Analytics
Media consumption is changing. How you position your company is imperative to drive greater engagement, push the best experiences, and create value for your consumers. Stay-at-home audiences are...
35 min.
Unlock the Value in your Manufacturing & Consumer Goods Data with Visual Analytics
Manufacturing and Consumer Goods organisations are frequently asked to predict the unpredictable. When attempting to forecast and make plans for predictable business growth, it is more important...
27 min.
Drive actionable insight with your Travel and Transport data
In today’s disruptive market, it is more imperative than ever before that Travel and Transport companies are able to access their data and gain valuable insights to make decisions fast....
31 min.
Differentiate your Services and drive greater value for clients with Visual Analytics
Aligning people and their expertise to the right projects for a profit, is the main priority for most Professional Services organisations - whether this be in Legal, Real Estate or Consultancy....
44 min.