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Students around the world are eligible for free one-year, renewable Tableau Desktop and Prep licenses. Data skills are for everyone. As a student, you now have access to our entire eLearning suite - for free. Go through the lessons at your own pace to earn badges you can put on your resume.

Whether you're learning Tableau for the first time or want to brush up on your knowledge, there's never been a better opportunity to get Data Skills. With eLearning through our Tableau for Students program, you can start your data journey today!

From entry level to senior roles, data skills are important to every career.

Read the free data skills playbook to learn:

  • The rise of data jobs in today’s job market
  • Importance of learning data skills as a new grad or student
  • How to show you have data skills on your resume
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We view data skills as more of a mindset than anything. Regardless of the information you’re analyzing, we see someone with this skill set as naturally curious and passionate about solving problems. Whether you’re looking to solve a critical issue or you’re more interested in personal data, data analysis skills are super transferable.

Hear from the Data Generation


The Data Scientist

Matt Farkas, recent graduate from Northwestern University got an internship at Spotify and showcased his data skills by creating a visualization about music.


The Non-Traditional Analyst

Adhi Rajaprabhakaran, an Economics major at Michigan State University found data skills useful in his job search and everyday life.