Shared Analysis with Tableau Reader

Tableau Reader is an easy way to share the stories in any data.

Reader is the easiest way to share your analytical insights

Tableau Reader is a free desktop application that you can use to open, view and interact with visualizations that have already been created in Tableau Desktop. Here's how it works:

  1. A colleague or co-worker creates a visualization using Tableau Desktop
  2. When they are done, they save it as a Tableau Packaged Workbook, or ".twbx" file
  3. They share that file with you. You can open it with Tableau Reader to see what they've made.

Tableau Reader is completely free and available to anyone. You can install it on either Windows or MacOS machines in less than a minute.


As long as one person in your organization has Tableau Desktop to create a visualization, you can share findings with anyone. Simply create a visualization in Tableau Desktop, and save it as a .twbx. The data and the workbook will be saved within the file and it will function as a unified report that can be opened on any computer with Tableau Reader or Tableau Desktop installed.


Anyone with Tableau Reader can open a .twbx to see the visualization... but they can also interact. Desktop users can provide interactive filters and actions that make it simple to answer not just one question, but many questions.

For instance, the sales analytics team could create a workbook on quota attainment that shows results for the entire company. Then, individual sales reps could open that workbook and filter to their territory to see their own contribution.


Using a shared network drive, you can save a .twbx file for anyone in your organization to see. When your data updates, simply save a new version of that file at the same location and your team will have the latest data at their fingertips.

Tableau has absolutely made us more efficient. We are able to provide specific insights a lot faster. Projects that would linger on for weeks and months before are now completed much faster—weeks have been cut down to days.

More Capabilities with Desktop, Server and Online

Tableau Reader is just one Tableau tool; it's part of a suite of products that are all designed to help you analyze data and share your findings.

  • Tableau Desktop makes it easy to connect to your data and create your own visualizations.
  • Tableau Server is a tool for sharing visualizations, but instead of sending files you publish your viz to a server on your network. Anyone with permissions can view and interact with your analysis in a browser.
  • Tableau Cloud is just like Tableau Server, but it's hosted by Tableau in the cloud. No hardware, no setup, no maintenance.

Watch this short introductory video to see how Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Cloud can help you accomplish even more.

Create and share data insights across your company in minutes

Tableau Desktop

Make powerful data visualizations using any data. Fast and easy.
  • Interactive data visualizations and dashboards.
  • Works with hundreds of data sources.

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Tableau Server

Share dashboards & data. Collaborate with governance.
  • Keep data secure on your servers.
  • Use Tableau Mobile for data on the go.

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Tableau Cloud

Skip the hardware setup. Tableau Cloud is a hosted Tableau Server.
  • Reliable, secure, and always up-to-date.
  • Use Tableau Mobile for data on the go.

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