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Tableau Training Pass is no longer available for purchase. If you have an active Training Pass you may continue to take advantage of Tableau classes and exclusive content.

Your Tableau Training Pass includes:

Our 5 most popular classes

Take Desktop I: Fundamentals, Desktop II: Intermediate, Desktop III: Advanced, Prep I, and Visual Analytics

Tableau-certified instructors

Learn directly from the experts

Learn anytime, anywhere

Participate in virtual, live instructor-led sessions on any time zone

Exclusive training sessions

Get exclusive training sessions available only to pass holders

Prescriptive, outcome based eLearning

Revisit topics from trainings, or jump ahead with self-paced online eLearning modules

Unlimited course access

Life happens. Retake courses as many times as you need

Exclusive Passholder Content

Navigate to Data Rockstar Sessions

Data Rockstar Sessions

Learn best practices and powerful insights from our leading industry experts.

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Office Hours

Connect with Tableau Certified Instructors in live Q&A sessions.

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Advanced Workshops

Explore real-world scenarios with a business or technical problem and its solution.

Exclusive Training Pass Content is available only in English and in US time zones

Become a Data Rockstar with Tableau

With the Tableau Training Pass, you’ll learn to:

Prep Your Data

  • Create flows in Tableau Prep Builder
  • Fix data inconsistencies with cleaning operations
  • Combine data with joins and unions
  • Shape data with pivots and aggregates
  • Configure data samples
  • Output prepared data for further use in Tableau

Visualize Your Data

  • Create views and dashboards in Tableau
  • Connect to one or more data sources
  • Build histograms, scatter plots, box plots & maps
  • Make views interactive with filters, parameters, and sets
  • Customize data with calculated fields
  • Publish your views for others to explore

Fine Tune Your Views

  • Use visual best practices in your Tableau views and dashboards
  • Learn the science of visual analytics
  • Leverage short-term and sensory memory
  • Present data that informs without misleading
  • Use chart types effectively
  • Increase the usability of your dashboards

I like the idea of the Training Pass. It is a great value. I do not think I would have taken all 5 classes individually due to cost, but with the saving of Training Pass I did and now I have a good solid understanding what can be accomplished with Tableau. THANK YOU!