Tableau Viewer

Share data in a secure, easy-to-use platform

Tableau Viewer helps everyone across your entire organization
make data-driven decisions based on trusted content

tableau viewer account interacting with dashboard on tableau online

Actionable insights, fast

Give business users the agility they need with modern self-service analytics. Working with published dashboards, everyone can ask and answer questions, without the lengthy delays of a traditional centralized BI model.

tableau viewer account signs up for subscription alerts

Empower everyone with trusted content

Empower your entire organization with trusted content to collaborate and make data-driven decisions. With published dashboards and visualizations and embedded content, Tableau Viewer empowers more people than ever to put data at the center of every conversation.

tableau viewer user interface showing information about dashboard view

Governance that secures your data

Published and managed content gives Tableau Viewer users access to the right data within a governed platform without the exporting and emailing that puts the security of the underlying data at risk.

Tableau Viewer helps you scale analytics to all corners of your organization

Stay on top of your data

Subscriptions and alerts keep business users informed and up to date on the current state of their business.

Everything you need

For Viewers, everything is built, managed and provided to them so they can spend less time analyzing and more time acting on their data.

Accessible everywhere

Access content from the browser, mobile app, subscriptions and alerts.

Embedded in the systems you already use

Dashboards and content are seamlessly integrated into the business applications non-technical users already use to perform their jobs.

Who is Tableau Viewer for?

Tableau Viewer is for people who require access to analytic insight to perform their job function but prefer to access content that has been created by others. Viewers can be business users who need data to perform many of their daily tasks, to people managers who need to see how their teams are progressing on important projects, to business leaders and executives who need high-level metrics about the health of the business.

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