Creating buy-in, alignment, and participation in order to orchestrate change

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This beginner Tableau Success Connector session will help you understand more about the key stakeholders necessary for a successful Tableau deployment and how to create buy-in, gain executive sponsorship, participation; we’ll also discuss best practices for change management.


This thought leadership session is targeted towards professionals from organizations who have just started using Tableau or are at a turning point where they want to increase buy-in, adoption, and the value of their Tableau investment. The discussion will mainly cover:

  • Why Executive Sponsorship is important
  • How to choose the right Executive Sponsor
  • Ways to identify a cross-functional team
  • Impact to change management

Note: This beginner session is for individuals who are starting out in implementing Tableau or who are new to Tableau Blueprint. This is NOT a formal training or certification session.

Estimated duration: 45 minutes (session: 40 minutes + breakout room: 5 minutes)