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Comparing the Incomparable | Cross-Channel Social Media Analytics at Commerzbank

When it comes to social media marketing, how can you measure which platforms are delivering the best ROI for your organisation, particularly when each has its own unique metric definitions?

Join this webinar with Anastassia Hättich, social media analyst at Commerzbank, to see how this global organisation is using Tableau to visually analyse both organic and paid social media performance across six different platforms. Using real-time analytics, Commerzbank can compare its social media engagement across all platforms using standardised KPIs, helping to quickly understand the true ROI being achieved on each.

Register now for this live webinar with Commerzbank's marketing team to learn:

  • The key metrics and KPIs in social media analytics
  • How to compare content across format types and topics
  • The Commerzbank social media analytics matrix
  • Social media analytics with Tableau
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About the speaker


Anastassia Hättich

Social Media Analyst at Commerzbank AG

Anastassia is a social media analyst at Commerzbank where she uses data and Tableau to understand social media engagement across all of their platforms.

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