Drive change with data

Data to drive change has never been more critical

In this time of tremendous global uncertainty, many organizations have accelerated their digital business models, finding new ways to serve customers, employees, and their communities. And at the heart of transformation is data, enabling the business decisions that will drive the organization forward.

This three-part webinar series will teach you how IT can empower change, providing access to curated, managed, governed, and scaled data that informs decision-making and cultivates trust within and outside your organization.

Who should attend?

  • Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Strategy Officer,
  • IT Director, Analytics Director, IT Project Manager
  • Business Intelligence Administrator, Database Administrator, Enterprise Engineer, Enterprise Data Architect


Titel Duur
Tableau for IT
Join us to learn how IT can curate, manage, and promote diverse data at scale to enable impactful, data-driven decision-making. We'll introduce you to Tableau’s platform, flexible...
Managing data with confidence
You need to define processes to deliver the right data to the right people, complete with defined roles and responsibilities that everyone understands. When IT becomes the business enabler,...
35 min
Building your modern data architecture
Your data architecture is changing. With a modern data architecture, the data flow no longer needs to be centralized around the enterprise data warehouse as a final destination. A modern data...
28 min