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What does it mean to be a Data Leader?

The Data Leadership Collaborative (DLC) is bringing together three data leaders to discuss their perspectives on what it means to be a successful, impactful data leader.

Join Abisola Oni, David Pires, and Laura Madsen in this virtual roundtable discussion for tips on how to work with your employees, management, and C-Suite members to transform your organization with data. There will be time at the end for Q&A. 


About the DLC:
The DLC brings together like-minded leaders to connect, learn, and help each other progress on the journey to building data-driven organizations.

The DLC is a component of Tableau's commitment to furthering the conversation around data culture, and helping organizations around the world put data at the center of their decision making.
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About the speakers

Abisola Oni Headshot

Abisola Oni

Data Product Owner, Paystack

Abisola is Data Product Owner at Paystack and the first African Tableau Zen Master. She is an analytics professional with over six years of experience in driving growth for technology-based businesses.


David Pires

Director, Analytics Products & Visualization Engineering, Expedia Group

David leads a team of data visualization engineers, providing clarity to Expedia Group by means of rich and visually engaging data products. He has been focused on data visualization for the last 5 years, and worked in analytics for over a decade in a variety of roles. David is the co-Executive Director for Viz for Social Good, which helps mission-driven organisations to promote social good and understand their own data through beautiful and informative data visualizations.

Laura Madsen Headshot

Laura Madsen

CEO, Moxy Analytics

Laura Madsen is a global data strategist, keynote speaker, and author. She is a partner in a consulting firm, Moxy Analytics, to converge two of her biggest passions: helping companies execute successful data strategies and challenging the status quo

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