On-Demand Webinar

Palo Alto Networks: Using IT Analytics to drive Employee Success

IT departments have more data than ever before. From service ticket management, asset tracking, resourcing and staffing, to software development – it’s data that can accelerate innovation, and keep the organization smoothly running. But how can IT deliver the best level of support while also keeping costs in check?

In this live webinar, Palo Alto Networks will show how they’re using Tableau with Numerify to:

  • Integrate IT data across service and software development systems.
  • Drive self-service visual reporting for IT decision making.
  • Help employees become successful from day one on the job.
  • Conduct QBRs and measure their Net Promoter Score.

Attend to hear about their journey, lessons learned and how adoption of Tableau and Numerify has helped foster a strong business-IT partnership and employee engagement within their organization.

About the speakers

Steve Januario

Senior IT Director of Employee Success at Palo Alto Networks
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