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A catalyst for change: Self-service analytics at Lane County HHS

It takes a village to keep the public healthy and thriving. As communities grow and new challenges arise, protecting the well-being of individuals and families is paramount. For Lane County Health and Human Services (HHS), this wasn’t enough. They strived to be better; to change the culture of the agency in order to proactively meet the needs of the public.

Watch this webinar to see how Lane County leveraged transparency and data-driven decisions to refocus their agency efforts on the patients, clients, and the public they serve to create and maintain effective programs.

Learn how to:

  • Enable self-service analytics and organizational transparency
  • Ensure data quality across all lines of business
  • Measure success across agency functions
  • Create a collaborative culture with executive buy-in

About the speaker


Micah Brown

Data, Quality & EHR, Supervisor, Quality & Compliance Division, Lane County, Health & Human Services

Micah Brown has a diverse history of innovation in technology, a career over 30 years beginning with database design and network engineering. Micah enjoyed building some of the first Internet Service providers and pioneered live streaming events. Micah’s passion has always been the service of others, spending time in East Africa leading emergency relief efforts in war zones before transitioning to the medical field in the early 2000s where he published his research in neuro-diagnostics. Micah is currently in the leadership team at Lane County Health & Human Services where he’s able to combine his talent in technology with his passion for service.

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