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All Hands on Data: How Dentsu is Navigating Uncertainty with Tableau

As you navigate this uncertain business environment, your marketing and sales data is essential in helping you understand changes—to quickly solve business problems.

Watch this exclusive webinar with digital marketing giant Dentsu to learn how they're using data and Tableau to understand real-time behavioural changes in consumer demand, website habits and social media listening. With key insights just a click away in Tableau dashboards, Dentsu can provide data-driven leadership to their clients as they adapt to this new normal. 

Watch now to discover:

  • How the global crisis highlighted the importance of data
  • How Dentsu is solving marketing and sales problems with data
  • The Tableau dashboards guiding Dentsu's decision-making

About the speaker


Ingrid Pino

Senior Visual Analytics Specialist - Dentsu

Ingrid gave up on being a lawyer to advocate for better Data Visualizations since a pie chart stole her lunch money. Her 8 years experience in Digital Analytics projects in 5+ countries in Europe and Latin America include clients like Albert Heijn, KLM, Microsoft, Adidas and AB Inbev. She currently works as a visual analytics specialist and data protection expert at Dentsu Netherlands.

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