VentureBeat: Starhawk developers learned from social games that analytics is king

"Tableau Software is a really great visualizer, and I would highly recommend it for any game studio. It worked out great for us."

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Summary: After watching Zynga's meteoric rise to gaming stardom, LightBox CEO Dylan Jobe knew analytics had to be at the core of the studio's newest release, Starhawk. In this interview with VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi, Dylan credits Tableau with empowering LightBox to make "really amazing business decisions" and "really smart, well-informed design decisions." He tells VentureBeat that Starhawk is tracking "every single event for every player in every game on the planet every single day," and discusses how it's impacted Starhawk's design lifecycle and enabled their team to better understand the patterns of their global user base. With Tableau, everyone at LightBox was able to consider feedback -- in the form of play data -- from all their users, "whether or not we spoke their language, whether or not we could read their forum posts."

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