5.2 Release: New Data Connections and Enhanced Maps!

There's another new release of Tableau - 5.2. For all the details, see our "New Features" web page.

With this release, we've enhanced our maps with new styles and more detailed international maps and we've added new data connections.

New Map Styles

  • Default map style updated. Tableau’s default map style has been updated with new font treatments and subtle changes to the colors used for water, land, parks and urban areas. There's more ability to control map options to such as whether map attributes like country and state borders appear on the map.
  • New gray-scale map style. As an alternative to the default maps, Tableau 5.2 has a muted gray-scale map with white water areas. Looks fantastic in map visualizations, especially in places like the San Francisco Bay Area and the U.K. where water is an important part of the landscape.
  • Increased level of detail worldwide. The new maps include increased depth coverage for zooming into all parts of the world. Tableau now zooms to the following levels:
    - U.S. and Canada - Down to very close to street level
    - Western Europe - Down to street level
    - Australia/ New Zealand - Down to street level
    - Rest of world - Down to city view

Check out the video describing the map enhancements - directly from the desk of our CEO Christian Chabot.

You can also check out a live example about the history of the world cup in our Tableau Public Gallery.

More Data Connectivity

Tableau Desktop Professional now connects to even more data sources.

  • Sybase IQ is an analytics server which combines a column-based architecture, patented data compression and indexing technology, and flexible scalability in all dimensions (computing power, storage, and number of users) to deliver mission-critical business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions on any standard hardware and operating system.
  • Microsoft® PowerPivot is an Excel add-in for modeling and analyzing data in extremely large Excel worksheets of up to 2 gigabytes, literally millions of rows of data. PowerPivot for SharePoint makes these worksheets available to others in your organization by serving this data from SharePoint. Tableau connects to PowerPivot files that have been published to SharePoint 2010 servers.
  • The ParAccel Analytic Database (PADB) is a columnar, massively parallel database for data warehousing, predictive analytics, and advanced business insight. Tableau connects to PADB version 2 and higher.
  • Greenplum is a massively parallel processing (MPP) database designed for data warehousing and large-scale analytics. Tableau now supports connecting to Greenplum databases version 3.3 and higher.
  • ODBC is a publicly defined standard for database connectivity and many database vendors make ODBC drivers available for connecting to their databases. ODBC drivers used with Tableau are required to meet the ODBC Version 3.0 compliance level.
  • Check out the video showing how to use the new connections - especially PowerPivot.

We sincerely hope you're pleased with all the new features. Download your copy via our Customer Download Center or check out our free trial.

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