Traffic Data company Inrix released its Traffic Scorecard Annual Report. The report analyzes and compares traffic congestion in the top 100 metropolitan markets in the U.S. For the first time, the report is interactive with Tableau Digital.

Here's the scorecard, click to go to the live version:

What did they find? Well, the Inrix Index is down 30% in 2012 vs 2011, meaning we're all spending less time in gridlock.

Also, in the nation's most congested corridors, drivers spend an average of 60 hours a year in traffic.

The dashboard has a lot of interesting findings. Check out your city or read their findings. Or if you're in Honolulu, Los Angeles or San Francisco, don't-- it'll just depress you. Perhaps we'll see people moving from those cities to Worcester and Virginia Beach?

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Nice work. Minor recommendations: Top left portion is the most expensive real estate, goes to waste by using a repetitive logo (we know it´s from Inrix). Year labels at the end data point would free up screen real estate and make it easier to read vs. going back and forth between legend and chart.

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