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#SportsVizSunday Scorecards

Explore which countries win big at the Games. Leaders of #SportsVizSunday, Neil Richards and Simon Beaumont, collaborate on this visualization that covers events from artistic gymnastics to wrestling.

Simon Beaumont and Neil Richards
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Women of the Olympic Games

The percentage of women participants in the Olympics Games has risen about 40% since 1960. Check out this visualization by Kelly Tan to see how the International Olympic Committee's commitment toward equal representation has advanced female representation over the years.

Kelly Tan | Singapore
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The Game of Golf

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Matt Eads explores an analysis of why he loves golf, most of the time.

Matt Eads | Vanguard
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History of the Paralympics Games

The Paralympics are international, multi-sports events where athletes with physical disabilities compete.  Fred Najjar's visualization showcases the history of the games dating back to 1960.

Fred Najjar | Tableau Public Featured Author
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