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Tableau Tea Talks - Analytics in High Technology

From concept to coding, from deployment to support, the high-tech industry is a numbers game, with the potential to generate vast amounts of data. Tableau makes that information useful, helping you speed up time-to-market, improve user experiences, and build on success.

Customers across the world are including Tableau in their applications to provide their end users actionable insights and data that they can use to drive their business decisions. At this webinar, we’ll walk you through how you can level this up by including some of the latest features we’ve released in your application. We’ll also be speaking with Tableau and industry experts to understand their experience in leveraging Tableau to provide analytics to their end-users.

Learn more about:

  • New features that you can leverage: A walkthrough of some great features that’s been released like Ask Data, Object Models, Parameter Actions, Set Actions, Viz Animations, Webhooks API and much more!
  • Embedded Analytics use cases: We’ll be asking questions from our resident Tableau External Analytics expert, Madhav Kannan on the kind of use-cases he’s seen External Analytics being used for and what he believes the potential for it is
  • Customer story: We’ll be checking in with one of our Customer Rockstars, Prakash Khatri, AVP Analytics at Financial Software and Systems (FSS) on how they’ve been using Tableau in their portal and also get a sense of how they’ve been coping with the new workplace normal.
  • COVID-19 Resources that you can leverage

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