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How Manufacturers Can Overcome Supply Chain Uncertainty Using Predictive AI Analytics

As supply chain uncertainty continues, manufacturers can get ahead by accurately predicting stockouts and inventory shortages using data-driven AI analytics.

Watch this demo to see how manufacturers can combine their supply chain data and leverage AI analytics to accurately predict the impact of changing customer demand on supplier inventory—helping you better procure materials and fulfil customer commitments.

You'll learn how to quickly build predictive models that provide data-driven insights into each of your suppliers, and get AI-powered recommendations to discover the best way to minimise inventory challenges.

Watch now to learn how you can:

  • Accurately predict the likelihood of stockouts or inventory shortages
  • Get AI recommendations to overcome inventory challenges
  • Pinpoint problem suppliers with fast analysis

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Grant Lawrence

Senior Solution Engineer

Grant Lawrence is a Senior Solution Engineer at Tableau in our pre-sales team. He helps our customers see and understand their data, and has spent much of his time focussed on helping our automotive customers drive decisions with data.

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