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Embedded Analytics Interview | Build vs Buy at Carrefour

Embedding visual analytics into your app or product is a great way to maximise engagement. But how do you start such a project—should you build or buy an embedded BI solution?

To help you understand what to consider when embedding analytics, global retailer Carrefour will share why they chose Tableau as their embedded solution in this exclusive online interview.

Find out how Tableau helped Carrefour go-to-market faster and increase ROI. You'll learn why adding Tableau's market-leading analytics lets your business focus on developing your core product whilst Tableau takes care of the analytics.

Watch now to learn about:

  • The criteria to consider when embedding BI
  • How Carrefour increased customer engagement with Tableau
  • How to go-to-market quickly by leveraging your resources

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Informazioni sui relatori


John Greca

Head of Precision Marketing - Carrefour

John is leads the Precision Marketing team at global retailer Carrefour and is responsible for driving commercial growth. He has 15 years of experience in online sales and personalisation, whilst supporting media partnerships within Belgium.


Mrunal Shridhar

Senior Manager, Solution Engineering - Tableau

Mrunal leads Tableau's EMEA solutions engineering team who are experts at helping people and organisations see and understand their data.


Geoffrey Smolders

Founder and Manager of Biztory.

Geoffrey founded Biztory in 2014 after being blown away by the power of Tableau. Since then, Biztory has grown into the #1 preferred Tableau Gold partner in Benelux and are now also expanding into DACH.


Timo Tautenhahn

Principal Solutions Engineer - Tableau

When Timo joined IBMs global Analytics Solution Specialty Architect team in 2012 he already worked within their regional Business Intelligence unit for more than 4 years. This newly formed team was a special task force of around 50 people across the globe who were responsible for drafting, evaluating, positioning and creating new analytics solutions for IBMs sales force globally.
As part of his global role he presented at national and international events to talk about data strategies, technical architectures and best practices for almost 2 more years. When he saw Tableau at one of those events for the first time he immediately fell in love with the software! That is why he joined Tableau in Germany as the 3rd employee when there was not even an office.
Today he has got more than 13 years of experience within the analytics software industry, he’s one of Tableau’s best rated speakers globally and his analytics blog Tableaufans.com gets consumed in more than 130 countries! 

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