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How IDBS Help Healthcare & Life Sciences Accelerate R&D Using Tableau Embedded Analytics

Imagine if your healthcare & life sciences organisation could enable researchers and decision-makers with self-service analytics to help them find data-driven insights that accelerate R&D.

You can! In this webinar you'll see how IDBS—a BioPharma tech provider—help researchers achieve scientific breakthroughs and bring pharmaceuticals to market faster by embedding Tableau dashboards into their external-facing data product.

Discover exactly how IDBS scale easy-to-understand data-driven insights to external researchers and decision-makers—helping them accelerate innovation.

Learn how IDBS use Tableau embedded analytics to:

  • Enable researchers with self-service analytics to find answers fast
  • Securely share Tableau dashboards with BioPharma organisations
  • Bring pharmaceuticals to market faster

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Alberto Pascual

Director, Data Science & Analytics - IDBS

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