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How Universities are Filling the Analytics Skills Gap

With the need for analytics in the workplace, universities are now starting to offer advanced degrees in business analytics. These programs teach the next generation the value of business analytics and help fill a skills gap in the industry.

In this 45-minute webinar, you'll hear how universities are building their business analytics programs and developing curriculum to teach modern analytics. In this presentation, we will discuss:

The business analytics programs at Babson University and Southern Methodist University
The use of data visualization in these programs, including the use of Tableau
An overview of the syllabus for the data visualization courses
A review of what has worked well in teaching modern analytics and data visualization to students

About the speakers


Hettie Tabor

Director, Southern Methodist University (SMU) Master of Science in Business Analytics

Hettie Tabor is the Director for Southern Methodist University’s Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program. Ms. Tabor worked with SMU to develop the program and began directing the program at its inception in 2014. Prior to working at SMU, Ms. Tabor was a Partner at Accenture where she worked for 26 years. She was the Global lead for Accenture’s SAP Analytics practice. In addition to directing the SMU MSBA Program, Ms. Tabor teaches 3 classes including Managing Your Career, focused on showing students how to get a job in analytics, In Memory Analytics, focused on the latest trend in database development through In Memory application, specifically working with SAP Hana, and Data Visualization, focused on the best practices for developing front end visualizations which includes teaching Tableau.


Ruth Gilleran

Senior Lecturer of Information Technology, Babson College

Ruth Gilleran is a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at Babson College. Since joining Babson in 2001, Ms. Gilleran has taught in the college’s Undergraduate, One Year MBA, Fast Track MBA, Masters of Accounting, and Executive Education programs. Currently, Ms. Gilleran teaches courses in information management studies, general business and entrepreneurship. While at Babson, Ms. Gilleran has been recognized for her contributions to innovative teaching and curriculum development. In 2012, she was awarded the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence in any program. In addition, she was named as Chair of the Babson Teaching Innovation Fund committee. Ms. Gilleran brings over 20 years of industry experience to the classroom including 16 years in the software and 5 years in the consumer goods industry.

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