Merry Viz-mas! Follow These Made-in-Tableau Holiday Calendars

Happy holidays! To help you all get into the festive mood, we'd like to share three Tableau-made holiday calendars.

First, we've got a Tableau Public tradition, the viz-mas calendar. This year, we've collected 25 data sets for you to enjoy. Follow along to see a new data set every day! We'd love you to share the love, and any vizzes you make, using the hashtag #vizmas.

And here's a Tableau community tradition: the Tableau Wannabe Advent calendar!

This beauty by Matt Francis highlights extraordinary people in our community to connect with and learn from.

As Matt puts it, "Who from the Tableau family will be hiding behind the doors?" Follow along to find out!

And last but not least, Ian Weinstock made a Hannukah viz in Tableau. Follow along to watch the candles light up!

Got a holiday viz of your own? Share it in the comments below or tweet it to us using the hashtag #vizmas. Merry viz-mas to all!