Tableau Conference – Call for Speakers!

Burning to tell your Tableau story? How it changed your company, catapulted your career, made your every wish come true?

If you’ve got a hot story to share with fellow Tableau users and prospects, please submit your proposal today!

What makes a great Tableau conference presentation? We’re looking for engaging customer presenters whose Tableau story will keep attendees riveted to their seats then want to race home with new ideas about how to get even more out of Tableau.

Effective presentations in the past have done a great job with storytelling basics: what was the challenge? how did Tableau help solve it? what was the impact? Many are specific to an industry while others address a topic that reflects a job function or a specific use case. Got some ideas on how to make your session interactive? Like to use Tableau to present? We love those things, too.

We’ll supply the basics: cool venue, packed house, excitement, and AV. You supply the idea.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Proposals are due Friday, June 17!

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