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The Art of Decision Making: Coupling Advanced Analytics with Predictive Analytics

Every company is a data company and most organizations are investing significant resources to collect, store and protect their data. But success with data comes down to how people use data to make decisions on a daily basis.

At Tableau helping people gain insight into their data to solve unexpected problems is what drives us. In this webinar, we will explore how Tableau can enable you to make data driven decisions, and we’ll focus specifically on a few advanced capabilities such as Ask Data and our new Business Science solution.

Fast and intuitive data visualization from Tableau coupled with Tableau Business Science provide a unique solution to help organizations move one step forward into their data journey.

Join us to learn how Tableau is making advanced analytics a competitive asset for your business.

À propos des intervenants


Stephanie Shaw

Principal Solution Engineer, Tableau CRM

Stephanie Shaw loves Salesforce! An 11x certified Salesforce consultant, she has spent the past decade working directly with customers to transform their business. Her professional passion is when data and technology combine to positively impact and improve business process, executive strategy, and end-user/consumer experience.


Joe Bala

Strategic Advisor, Tableau

Joe is a strategic advisor supporting clients on their data driven journey.  Joe’s passion lies in helping organizations unlock the power of Data to achieve business outcomes.

Mark Bradbourne

Mark Bradbourne

National Solutions Engineer, Tableau 

Mark Bradbourne has spent 25 years working in Analytics across a variety of industries including companies like Harley-Davidson Motor Company and Sherwin-Williams. Now working for Tableau as a Solution Engineer he is helping customers to see and understand their data. He is a former Tableau Ambassador and former co-leader of the Cleveland Tableau User Group (both surrendered when he joined Tableau). He has published over 290 visualizations to his Tableau Public profile, and is a huge believer in the Tableau Community for raising your skill level.

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