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4 Top Trends in UK Healthcare Data Analysis to Adopt Today

From changing reimbursement models to an increasingly empowered patient base, hospitals face pressure to make better use of their data. But how do you turn ever-expanding volumes of data into actionable insight?

This report helps hospitals understand how they can use their data to gain the kind of insight that can:

  • Improve efficiency
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
  • Drive better outcomes

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The healthcare industry has never been more focused on data—its promise and its pitfalls—as it is today. From slashing healthcare spending to detecting fraud or coordinating care across multiple providers—improved use of healthcare data has been held up as a “silver bullet” to slay all kinds of healthcare monsters. But in the real world, the sheer quantity of data can feel more overwhelming than helpful. From disparate EMR systems and medical device outputs to staff schedules, patient satisfaction surveys, and medical equipment tracking, data flows into your hospital at an overwhelming rate. Take control of your data and take advantage of its potential with these four trends in healthcare data analytics:

  1. Implement dashboards on the hospital floor
  2. Align the enterprise around outcomes
  3. Adopt a patient-centric approach
  4. Leverage the power of social media

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