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Tableau Tea Talks Episode 2: Analysis in Digital World

Companies around the world are using Tableau to stay on top of their KPIs and ensure their knowledge workers have the ability to drill into the numbers as required. With businesses going through an unprecedented change, organizations are pivoting their business models and leveraging data to drive and validate business decisions.

Bring a cup of tea and join us as we walk you through how you could level this up by including some of our latest features in your Tableau Deployment. We’ll also be speaking with some of our Tableau and industry experts to understand their experience in leveraging Tableau to drive their business decisions.


    Introduction and leveraging data during uncertain times

    An introduction of the episode series, and how data can help drive navigate the new business environment.

    COVID-19 Resources that you can leverage on

    A walkthrough of the COVID-19 Data Hub and resources you can leverage on to plan your business response, including a few other customer case studies

    A conversation with a Tableau Retail Expert

    We’ll be asking questions from our resident Tableau Retail Expert, Prashant Sharma on the kind of use-cases he’s seen Tableau being used for in this space and what he believes the potential for it is.

    New Features that you can Leverage

    A walkthrough of some great features that’s been released since the start of 2019 like Ask Data, Object Model, Parameter Actions, Metrics, Viz Animations, and much more!

    A conversation with one our customers

    We’ll be checking in with one of our Customer Rockstars, Sriram Anantha Padmanaban from Manthan Systems on how they’ve been using Tableau in their organizations and also get a sense of how they’ve been coping with the new workplace normal.

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