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Driving Innovation at The Ohio State University

Having access to reliable, accurate data across all colleges and departments is now more important than ever for making informed decisions in Higher Education.

For the Ohio State University, their journey to becoming a data-first organization this past year has enabled them to better navigate times of uncertainty.

Watch the recording below to hear how you can create a culture based on data-driven decisions with trusted, governed analytics.

This webinar covered:

  • Using Projects (Project Leaders) vs Sites (Site Administrators)
  • Importance of common data sources
  • Importance of monitoring your server usage
  • Importance of virtual learning and virtual Tableau User Groups
  • How to increase adoption of your Tableau environment

À propos de l'intervenant


Eric Mayberry

Director, Data & Analytics Team, The Ohio State University

Eric is currently serving as the Director for  Data & Analytics at The Ohio State University. Eric was hired into Ohio State in 2017 to lead the Enterprise Tableau implementation and to serve as the Tableau administrator for the university.

In two short years, Eric has transformed a siloed Tableau presence at OSU into an enterprise consolidated solution. OSU now has over 6,000 Tableau worksheets, 4,200 users and 250+ Tableau developers. Eric also founded a higher education Tableau Slack channel to connect Tableau administrators and professionals in the higher education space from around the world. The Slack channel has over 1,200 participants from 200+ universities across 12 time zones. Eric’s most recent accomplishment is Ohio State’s public COVID-19 dashboard which has over 1.5 million views!

Eric previously worked at Nationwide insurance for 18 years before joining Ohio State. At Nationwide, Eric began his career as an IT developer and eventually progressed into the data world as a leader for the data and analytics team within marketing.

Eric is a graduate from Ohio University.

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