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Build vs Buy

If you've seen our introductory webinar and our webinar on the power of embedded analytics, you already know that embedded analytics is the perfect tool to improve customer engagement and create new revenue streams.

However, the question of implementation now arises. Do you know whether it's best to develop your own solution, or whether it's best to hire an expert?

During this webinar, we will try to answer this question. Through concrete cases, our experts will describe the different elements to consider when the time comes to choose between building and buying.

What to expect?

Things to consider

What criteria should you take into account when making your choice?

Real-life examples

Learn from the experience of other companies and be inspired

The Tableau platform

Discover the power of Tableau embedded analytics and how you can benefit from it


If you want to know more about Embedded Analytics capabilities, you might also want to check out our The Power of Embedded Analytics webinar.

À propos de l'intervenant


Tim Payne

Lead Solution Engineer - Tableau

Tim is a lead solutions engineer at Tableau based in our London office. He is an expert at helping people and organisations see and understand data.

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