Tableau Public Sector Day 2021 FAQ

This page is for FAQs relating to Public Sector Day 2021.

When and where is Tableau Public Sector Day 2021?

Tableau Public Sector Day 2021 takes place on 17 June 2021. Our event program runs from 9.00 AM SGT to 12:15 PM SGT. We are going virtual with this event this year to keep everyone safe in accordance to local health advisory. What's great about this arrangement is that you can tune in from any internet-enabled device from wherever you are!

Who should attend Tableau Public Sector Day 2021?

If you are innovating, leading or delivering public programs and policies, Tableau Public Sector Day is for you! Past attendees of Tableau Public Sector Day include the Heads, Directors, Managers and Program Leads of:

  • Strategy & Planning/Innovation/Transformation
  • Data Management
  • Data Science
  • Research & Analysis/Business Intelligence/Insights
  • Citizen Engagement/Community Building
  • Information Technology
  • Operations (including Finance, Internal Audit, Human Resources, Capability Development, Procurement, Marketing, Services)

This event is by invitation only and is restricted to the attendance of Singapore Public Sector service officers. Profiles that do not meet this requirement will not have their registration request processed.

I have registered for the event. What's next?

Once you have registered, we will review your request and conduct necessary checks to verify your profile. Within 48 hours, you will receive either a confirmation email with event login details or an email to notify that you have been unsuccessful in your registration.

Why was my registration not approved?

Tableau Public Sector Day is reserved strictly for Singapore public service officers, and this event is by-invitation only. Registration requests will be processed based on a valid work email address under the public service. Tableau reserves the right to restrict or limit the attendance of all other profiles.

Is there a cost for the event?

No, Tableau Public Sector Day 2021 is complimentary for Singapore public service officers to attend.

Are session content streamed live?

Yes. All session content will be streamed live. You will also have the opportunity to engage in live chats with experts from Tableau, GovTech and our partners to ask questions and share knowledge.

Can I still view session recordings after the event?

Yes, you can view session recordings at the Tableau Public Sector Day 2021 On-Demand page after the event. Details will be shared with you via email after the event.

How do I login to participate in the event?

Please use the work email address used during registration to access the virtual event platform on 17 June 2021. You will receive email notifications with more details after your registration request has been approved.

Why am I experiencing issues accessing the event site?

Tableau has conducted extensive testing of the virtual event platform to avoid accessibility issues. However, each attending entity has their own firewalls and security measures in place to enforce cyber security. If you are unable to access the event site, please reach out to our team at and we’ll assist you.

Why are the sessions not loading?

This could be due to a number of factors. Please ensure that you have sufficient internet bandwidth to live stream content. Additionally, try refreshing your internet connection and/or browser window. Should you experience continued issues, please reach out to our team at and we’ll assist you.